When you're young, there's not much that matters. A dream is sometimes all you got. When you sleep at night, when you wake
up, every fuckin second it's on yo mind. You chase that dream, make into reality. We can only remember half the shit they tried
to teach our asses in school. What was the the point in going? But we showed up every now an then. And when we did, no one
paid attention to what the teacher was sayin anymore; they wanted to be us. Life lessons come from da streetz, where shit
happens. That`s whrere the tough, important shit comes to you. To the outside world, we
were just a ''Menacce to Society'', we say tho ''Boys from the Block''.
Today they wanna be like us - talk like us, wear the same clothes like us.


This is the truth. This is whats real.

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